Lois&Ollie photo by Wild Sage Photo Co


3 Women Lots Of Topics

L&O named after Lois and Ollie our grandmothers is a show with 3 women sharing their experiences, life and products.

At the end of 2019 originally set out to be a traveling wig store. Covid 19's health risks stop production on going house to house for private hair parties. However while sitting around talking about being small business owners the 3 decided to take it to video. To talk about their favorite hair products, entrepreneurship and interviewing Salt Lake City's small business owners.   

From 2016-2010 the women owned The Staten Event Venue a nod to their birth place Staten Island New York. In building that business from the ground up and receiving 2019's West Valley City Best Venue Award. The women not only got to take part in hundreds of events but also helped dozens of small businesses launch their careers. 

Being women and mothers we understand all the hats women wear in today's world and we are hoping to fill your home and soul every week with love,empowerment and tips!


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