Monica Lois&Ollie photo by Wild Sage Pho


With multiple degree's, a husband of 30 years and conquering the corporate world. She dives deep into those hard hitting soul questions. Don't let that fool you she is a Justin Timberlake, dancing machine.

Shane from Lois & Ollie photo by Wild Sa


Child care advocate and school teacher. With a newborn and two teenagers she is busy busy. Hair products are her game and she loves demonstrating how we can change up our look in a few minutes. Humbly hilarious.

Lois&Ollie photo by Wild Sage Photo Co.


Mommy of 2 and serial entrepreneur. She is all about women empowerment and local business. Social media is seriously her jam. She shares all her tips and tricks to co-parenting and Seo with a her boho feminine vibes.


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